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Group picture!

Group picture!

Master Entertainment was hired to bring in their Photo Booth at our Class Reunion over the weekend. I highly recommend M.E. if you have a gathering of this kind or even Weddings! This is not like the old black and white photo booths, the pictures were in color and crystal clear. We all had fun with it and now have those memorable pictures on our Class website besides the ones we were given to take home with us. Johnathan who ran the booth also made it personable and FUN! After talking to one of the Committee members, it sounds like we will be looking you up for Future Events! -Mary Wiemers


I had a great time at United Township Class of 1970’s 45th Class Reunion. They made great use of the photo booth and took a TON of pictures. We look forward to seeing them again at their 50th!


Make Sure Your Wedding Guests Have Fun

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen them at local stores and malls around your area- photo booths where anyone and their friends can hop in, take some quick, fun pictures, and instantly get a memory that will last for a lifetime. These photo booths have been a huge hit for years- people just can’t seem to get enough of them; you’re only limited in what you can do by the imagination of all of those involved in the pictures. So needless to say, if you have a fun group of friends, you can have the time of your life and get a picture to remember it by.

If you can have this much fun with a photo booth, it stands to reason that incorporating one of these into your wedding reception might not be such a bad idea. All too often, wedding receptions turn into dull, lifeless pseudo-parties where the guests are bored to tears and looking for an excuse to escape the martial purgatory in which they have found themselves. Even with a DJ, if the disk jockey isn’t very good then the music is just going to fade into the background and no one is going to be very interested. Photo booths are a way to add some extra life to the party.

Photo booths are a form of entertainment that everyone enjoys. Your guests will have the opportunity to group up and take wacky photos that will serve as mementos for the rest of their lives- a forever reminder of the good times that were had by all at your wedding reception. The photos don’t just have to be your guests smiling or making wacky faces- depending on how creative you and your guests are feeling, you always have the option to spice things up a bit with props. Just put a box of silly hats or other articles with the photo booth and let your guests have the time of their lives.

If you’re living around the quad cities and have a wedding reception coming up, consider photo booth rental. It’s a reasonable price for a tremendous amount of fun that will keep your guests entertained for hours as they crowd into the booth to take their pictures. Take this opportunity to make your reception unique and to stand out in the memory of your guests for a very long time. Your reception is a celebration of your marriage- make it exciting and fun!