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3 Doors Down at the Fair

3 Doors Down at the Fair

My favourite poem is the one that starts ‘Thirty days hath September’ because it actually tells you something.” -Groucho Marx

September is upon us and it one of my favorite months. First off, it is my birthday month. Secondly is starts the bridge between summer weather and fall weather. It marks the beginning of autumn. Changes are evident and life keeps moving.

August was of course busy though I did get to so some fun activities. I sat through a severe thunderstorm while watching 3 Doors Down at the Mississippi Valley Fair with my wife. We also got a chance to take the kids to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque. If you haven’t seen this place, it is worth checking out. Way more than I expected in terms of size and quality.

Of course this time of year, weddings are plentiful. September and October are both crazy busy as we both work for and attend weddings. We are seeing a lot of rustic decor trends right now which I think fit well with fall.

When I think of fall, I also think of Halloween being just around the corner. I enjoy this so much I even owned a haunted house one year and continue to consult with a couple to this day. While I do not like the blood and gore, I am a huge fan of the production and behind-the-scenes of these “shows”. If there is one thing we love at Master Entertainment, is it big productions.

As I write this our staff is prepping for several large events: testing equipment, finishing decor, meeting with clients to plan, and pulling together all the details of the normal day to day right now. That being said, we also have our eye to the winter and start to book up with holiday parties right now. If you haven’t checked out what we do for these events, give us a call. We have a way to make the event very fun… really!

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And Our Client of The Month is.. Andrea (Weekley) & Marion Calmer!

DJ JoCo, Andrea, Marion, Brittany

DJ JoCo, Andrea, Marion, Brittany

Andrea and Marion’s ceremony and reception were held at their private lake house in Alpha, IL. We had so much fun working with them to plan this amazing day. We started with a beautiful ceremony across the lake where they arrived on hayracks and large tractors. The reception building and tent were decorated wit h a rustic feel: hay bales, mason jars, burlap, and lace. The building, measuring 40’x80’ and built for the reception,  was used for the dinner buffet, band, and dancing. Along with uplighting the building and the 60’x120’ tent,  we also hung bistro lights, brought in a lighted LED dance floor, and set up the “dancing on clouds” effect! Once the band finished, it was time to start the party.  After a couple hours of DJing, we turned everyone’s attention to the sky above the lake where we were all treated to a private fireworks show. This was truly a fantastic day.

Congratulations Marion and Andrea!

-DJ JoCo, Brittany, and the Master Entertainment Staff

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Cars lined up and ready to go!

Cars lined up and ready to go!

Greetings Loyal Master Entertainment Fanatic! I hope that your summer has been going great and you are taking some time to enjoy the summer months. Here at the Miller household things have been as  busy as ever (as any of you with kids know).

While I tend to stay inside and hide when the temp is over 90, there have still been some chances to get outside and have some fun. Our two boys have enjoyed being pulled around behind our bicycles in their child trailer. Only problem is they seem to think they are in a chariot and Mom and Dad are their horses. I hear “wheeee” and “go faster” quite often our of Logan’s mouth.

I also got a chance to head to Las Vegas yet again this year for another public speaking gig. Temps out there were something ridiculous like 115 degrees. Guess I have never been there in the middle of summer, but it felt like someone had a blow-dryer turned on high pointed at me.

Despite the heat, I got outside and spent a morning at Speed Vegas. SV is a racetrack designed just for people to rent and drive exotic cars as fast as possible while being as safe as possible. Take your choice of Mustang, Corvette, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche… you name it. I chose a Mercedes and managed to get going 125mph on the straightaway. I highly recommend this activity if you are in Vegas and want to do something besides gamble. The place is brand new (still under construction) and the staff is great.

We have also worked some amazing weddings this past month including one that contracted a professional fireworks display over their private lake. We have had several new offerings out this month and continue to bring innovative ideas to our events with the addition of our in-house designer and décor rental services we added earlier this year. We offer a TON of different services now all in one stop with the attention to detail and high quality we are known for. If you have not already, I invite you to like us on Facebook ( so you can see all that is new.

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Don’t Get Married Without It!



It is true that weddings are wonderful affairs and proper preparation requires a great deal of down-to-earth paperwork. The written contracts with all the vendors you hire to carry out the biggest day of your life are so important.

Contracts are legal documents that define specific terms and conditions of the service to be done, keeping misunderstandings to an absolute minimum. A properly prepared contract should protect you and the vendor you hire. Most commonly wedding vendors provide you with formal contracts. Contracts are not fun to read but doing so can save you time and money later.

It is your responsibility to understand everything included in the contract. If you are unsure of something that is included in the contract, have it explained before signing. Most importantly include the exact date of the wedding day. The exact time of your event must also be included. Many reception sites have multiple events, even multiple weddings on the same day. The total cost and itemized rundown of what is included in the prices is important to avoid last minute surprises and expenses. You may assume certain accessories are part of the price until you are told on the big day that it costs extra.

Make sure that accessories such as tables, chairs linens, etc. are included in the price.

What specific decoration is included? What areas are decorated? If you agreed on specific colors, be sure to include it in as much detail as you can.

Insist on including the date and dollar amount of your deposit and the date of when the total amount is due. Include the exact address of the venue. You don’t want to send out invitations without having the exact address in writing. If the company has multiple rooms for events, make sure the name of the room is included in the contract.

Make sure you understand the cancellation and refund policy of the venue. You have to understand you options in case you must change the date or change the venue altogether.

You should be provided with name and phone number of the emergency contact person.

Room capacity, to make sure the site is big enough to accommodate your wedding party.

Contracts are a serious matter, and they require careful attention. They are legal and binding, so you might want an attorney or a wedding professional to review it for you before you sign it. You may save a lot of money by investing a little in some professional help. Before signing the contract, read it over carefully. Don’t allow it to be rushed into signing the contract until you have understood it entirely.

Never pay the entire amount in advance, but many companies will ask you to pay half of the total amount upon closure of the contract. Others may ask only for a down payment. Be prepared to pay with cash, card, or a personal check, and always get a receipt. To protect yourself, try to pay with a credit card. When reading the contract and before signing, find out what your obligations are. If you guests drink a bit too much, find out who would be responsible should anything happen. Make sure the place is insured; get detailed information about their coverage.

Once you made your decision, you have to receive a written contract signed and dated by the person in charge. The contract must include all of your responsibilities and all of the responsibilities, warranties and guarantees offered by the venue.

Be sure to keep copies of all signed contracts with all of your vendors in safe place until at least 1 year after your wedding, just in case.

And Our Client of The Month is.. April (Brafman) & Kelby Lanning!

Brittany, Kelby, April, DJ JoCo

Brittany, Kelby, April, DJ JoCo

On June 11th, we had the pleasure of hosting April and Kelby’s state side wedding reception in the Blackwatch Room at Pebble Creek in LeClaire, Iowa. It was a hot day and we had just over 200 guests packed inside. We used up lights to light the whole room. We set up two TVs to play a slide show including pictures from their Dominican Republic wedding and reception. Later in the evening we mixed music videos on the TVs. These guys sure know how to throw a party! I was very excited to be a part of this reception because of how excited April and Kelby were. They were a blast to talk and plan with in the months leading up to their wedding.

Thanks for having us join you for your big day!

-DJ JoCo, Brittany, and the Master Entertainment Staff

Community Life

Enjoying some pool time with our oldest son, Logan.

Enjoying some pool time with our oldest son, Logan.

Summer is officially here and the days are now getting shorter again as the solstice has passed (unfortunately). During summer we take some time to meet up with and play with family and friends.

My wife and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary by staying at Jumer’s and eating at the steakhouse (and yes we even won some money gambling).  We also spent some time eating and drinking at Greekfest (and trying to keep Logan from interrupting the dancers). We have also have spent some time swimming at my parents pool as well as Riverside Park. Beyond that we have had a couple cookouts, celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday (Happy Birthday Merle), and I got a chance to watch a live broadcast of a Drum Corps International show (hoping to see one in-person yet this year).

Yes, crazy, busy times the summer months are but they also help keep in perspective what is important. I encourage you to take time to play this summer. Try not to get overwhelmed but keep busy and create experiences for you and your friends/family. We are truly in the experience business at Master Entertainment and it should be no different in our personal lives.

In our newsletter this month, you will find some info on our outdoor movie services. This is an awesome way to get together with those you love and create memories. It is easy to setup and tear down and gets you out of the house for one evening. Check it out and we hope that you will take us up on the offer to have a little fun under the stars this summer. If you don’t subscribe to our newsletter, give us a call at 309-797-2702 to get more info!

That’s all for this month. I need to go finish refurbishing my deck at home in time for the annual Independence Day gathering.

Until next month..



Look! It’s Vanna White!

Vanna White and Brittany

On June 24th, we hosted an all day photo booth at the Isle of Capri for the grand opening of their new land based casino. A ton of people attended including Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune! The newest member of our staff, Brittany, was lucky enough to snap some pictures with her in our photo booth.

Vanna was also taking pictures and signing autographs for guests at the casino. She must have brought good luck with her because there were some big winners that day!

Thanks for stopping by to see us, Vanna!

Awesome Client Feedback!

We DJ’d a wedding and brought our photo booth to Tycoga Winery on June 11 and we just got some great feedback! Thank you!

“Master Entertainment was a great help for the whole experience. They were great with help for the pre-planning and keeping the night moving along as planned out. The DJ was very involved in making sure the night was as special as could be. The photo booth added great memories to the day and helped keep the night fun and exciting. Thanks Master Entertainment! I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

-Paige (Kruse) & Austin Stout