What’s your back-up plan?

Okay, you have booked the DJ that will perform at your wedding reception, but what will happen if he or she does not show up? No wedding planning is complete without having a backup plan just in case something goes wrong.

Having a plan B is important when you are planning your wedding, anything could go wrong. For instance; you could hire a wedding limo to take you to the church but if the limo driver is taking his/her sweet time to come pick you up, your plan B is to use uncle Nigel’s limo, which is parked somewhere in the compound and is serviced and ready to go.

Agreed, wedding planning is not easy on the pocket, even the smallest wedding can turn out to be pocket-draining.

One of the worst things you can do is to tighten the purse strings when it comes to hiring a DJ to entertain you and your guests at your wedding reception. Yes, you may be tempted to hire an individual DJ instead of hiring a reputable DJ company just because the individual DJ is charging you 100 to 500 dollars less than what a professional DJ company is charging.

Hiring an individual DJ is not a crime, but it is a rather risky thing to do, a number of things can happen.

  •  Your DJ could fall ill or could get hit by a bus on the night of your event and may not be able to show up in order to perform at your event.
  • Your DJ could book another (lucrative) gig and just gives you your deposit back – this happens especially when you do not sign a contract with the DJ. There are many stories involving DJ’s who do not keep their promise.
  • Your DJ may just go out of business and may not even have the decency to inform you.

Having a backup plan is MUST!

It is in your best interest to hire a reputable DJ company; this is because a full-time DJ company always put a plan B in place in case anything goes wrong. If your DJ is unable to show up due to unforeseen circumstances, then the company already has a backup DJ who is also well trained, highly experienced and totally committed to ensuring that you and your guests have a really great time.

With a reputable DJ company, you can count on not only having a skilled backup DJ, you can also count quality service because a DJ company can afford to purchase world class sound equipment that will make the music and announcements sound crystal clear.

DJ companies are also fully insured, thus providing protection for you and your guests in case there is an unanticipated accident.

Your Wedding Theme

Whether it’s a traditional, formal, or off-the-beaten-track wedding, you’re putting the whole event together yourself by planning its every phase. These days, with so much available on the Internet, it’s easy! All you need is some time and a clear idea of the feeling you want to get across.

Start with a theme and you’ll have a coherent image you can use throughout the entire wedding. You may be surprised, in fact, how potent just a word or concept can be, once applied as your marriage theme.

Love angels, for example? What could be more perfect than finding ways to incorporate angels in every phase of your wedding?

From the flowers to the guest favors to the vows, you can find a way to carry out the theme through the entire event. Is it to be a casual wedding of two Renaissance types? The Renaissance theme is compatible with the wedding ritual, and makes for an unforgettable event.

Getting married on February the fourteenth? Hearts and flowers are perhaps the most traditional and best beloved of all wedding themes!

When you’re planning your wedding, save time to choose the music with care. Get together with whoever is providing the music and talk about the right pieces for the two of you. There is nothing that sets the tone like music, and your wedding music will live in your memories for the rest of your lives.

The rings, the vows, the wardrobe…all the choices you must make to create an intimately personal expression of your love, are made so much easier by following a theme. But the idea behind it all is what counts.

You can choose one word to describe the spirit you wish to be your wedding, as if the coming together of two hearts creates a separate entity with one quality.

Is it joy? Is it contentment? Is it a giddy, bubbly, mirthful adoration? Pick a word or a phrase and keep it in mind. It’ll tie everything together and make the experience more perfect. And your wedding theme can become a foundation throughout your marriage.

For your wedding.

For each other.

For your life.

Should You Feed Your DJ?


There are a lot of things to consider when planning a wedding and feeding your guests will be one of the main ones. There will be concerns about the amount of food that will be needed and there will be nightmares featuring empty tables and lines of guests queuing up and there being nothing left.

Once you have decided how many friends and family you need to cater for there will be plenty of other things to be considered. What will you feed them and will it be a sit down meal where they are served by caterers or a buffet style were they will have to get their own? Both have their advantages as with the buffet they will be able to take as much of what they want as they want while the sit down variety will be easier for the guests but more expensive for you. Wedding etiquette is also something to be considered.

The next thing to consider is whether or not to provide a meal for the DJ and the rest of the people who are helping out on the big day. They will be working a long day and if they were in an office or factory they would be entitled to breaks so why should this job be any different. The alternative to providing a meal could be the DJ leaving the wedding for an hour and going to a fast food place to get a sandwich.

It does seem to be more and more popular to provide a meal for all the vendors you have hired and will be good wedding etiquette. It may not be in the contract although there will be some who will bring up the subject while you are discussing the event. The problem can come when they have other people with them. If this is the case it may be the case that they will offer to pay for them to be able to eat as it would be unfair to expect an extra meal to be paid for.

The good news is that some caterers will include the cost of the DJs meal into the price they give and this will often be at a reduced rate as they will not get the same meal as the guests. It will also not come with alcohol as clearly the DJ will not be drinking while they are working. Having the wedding DJ eat dinner as a guest will not add a great deal to the overall bill.

Often the DJ will become a close friend so it would be nice to ask them to join the rest of the guests when the meal is being eaten, especially if it is a buffet. There is no reason why they cannot put together a track that will just play as background music and let them have a decent break and a nice meal. At least this way you can guarantee a happy DJ and well presented entertainment.

Wedding Cake Tips


The wedding cake is the cake of all cakes. It is characterized as a huge cake, different from the usual cakes we have on ordinary occasions. In most cases, wedding cakes are layered or multi-layered and are heftily decorated with icing, beads, and other embellishments that would reflect the grandiose of the event. On the top is a small image of a bride and groom, or a monogram, or something that shows the character of the bride and groom.

Wedding cakes can go from the simplest to the most complex decorations; each has its own artistic distinctions depending on the creative juices of the baker. They should conform to the main purpose of the cake, that whatever embellishments it possesses, it can still be edible and can be eaten.

Because the wedding cake is such an important part in the wedding celebration, here are some tips you need to know in case you will be buying a wedding cake in the future.

  1. Check on the length of time required for ordering your wedding cake.

Time is such an important factor when making wedding plans. Of course, you would not want your wedding to be hurriedly done or rushed. Because the wedding cake is a part of the wedding plan, it is important to devote an appropriate amount of time in ordering.

It is best to ask your favorite bakeshop on the time frame that they usually give with regards to wedding cake so that you can make early orders if it will take such a long time to create your wedding cake. This way, you will not be in a hurry coming up with a wedding cake to be served on your wedding day.

  1. Verify the details of the cake and its cost.

A lot of couples are so fascinated with the luscious treats that go with their wedding cake, they don’t realize that each embellishment and every twist and turn embedded in the cake has a price.

Therefore, it is best to confirm what you want and the cost before picking up the cake. Most bakeries will determine a couple’s budget and then offer suggestions and ideas to keep it within that amount. Remember, any changes or additions made after the initial price will most likely add cost.

  1. Tell your baker about the details of your wedding.

If you plan to have an outdoor wedding/reception, let your baker know. Cakes are big, but they are delicate. The elements of nature do not mix well with a cake. If your cake needs to be outdoors, or in a building cars can’t drive to, tell your baker so they can make any necessary adjustments to ensure your cake gets where it needs to be and stays looking amazing the whole time.

  1. On a budget? Why not decorate your own wedding cake?

It is not so uncommon nowadays to find somebody decorating his or her own wedding cake. In fact, it is a feasible idea especially to those who have a very tight budget. It can also be fun! Some couples are forgoing the big cake altogether and instead serving cupcakes. There are many ideas and directions online to making and decorating your own cake. Remember though, with making your own cake comes added responsibility. The cake can’t be made too far in advance or it could turn stale by the time your wedding comes. You also don’t want to wait until last minute to make the cake, in case there’s a problem and you have to start again. The days before the wedding are hectic and busy. Enlisting the help of good friends and family can be beneficial.

Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Budget concerns can be one of the most prominent sources of disagreement for a couple in the process of planning their wedding.  The couple may have different ideas about what type of wedding they want and also about what they can afford.  It is important for the couple to discuss financial constraints before the wedding planning goes too far.

The first tip for setting a budget and sticking to it is to have a conversation regarding finances well before the wedding planning starts in earnest.  It is important that everyone involved in the decision making process of the wedding understands just how much money is available to be spent on the wedding.

Dressing appropriately for the conditions is also important if you plan to have an outdoor wedding.  For example: a strapless gown made of a lightweight fabric would not be appropriate for a fall or winter wedding if the temperatures are usually low at these times of the year.  Likewise, a dress with long sleeves and a high neck would not be appropriate for a summertime wedding in a warm climate.  You will want to be comfortable on your wedding day so dress according to the weather.

Another tip for having an outdoor wedding is to plan your wedding for a time of year that is unlikely to have inclement weather. It’s important to give yourself the best possible chance of having good weather for your wedding.  Try studying the weather history in the area that you plan to have your wedding and choose a time that has a relatively low chance of snow or rain. Depending on where you live, the weather can be really unpredictable so make sure to have a backup plan just in case.

In setting up for your outdoor wedding, one important tip is to set up the area where the ceremony will be held in a way that keeps the sun at the guests’ backs.  For example, for a morning wedding, you will want to position the seating so that the guests are facing to the west.  This is important because the sun rises in the east and having the guests facing to the east would result in the guests having to squint into the sun.

If you choose a summertime wedding in a warm climate, be sure to have plenty of drinks available for your guests.  You might want to consider having refreshing beverages such as water and juices available throughout the ceremony and reception to prevent guests from dehydrating.

One of the most problematic aspects of an outdoor wedding is the acoustics.  Guests at an outdoor wedding are often unable to hear the proceedings.  Additionally, if a wedding video is made, it often is unable to pick up the words of the officiant or the couple reciting their vows.  For this reason, you may wish to utilize a public address system during the ceremony to ensure that all guests are able to hear the ceremony.

If you have a lot of out of town guests who will be attending your outdoor wedding, you may want to prepare a package to mail to them detailing the weather expectations for your wedding date so that they can prepare for the trip.  Although the past can be a good indication of what type of weather to expect, you might also want to consider sending your out of town guests a weather prediction update a few days prior to your wedding in case the meteorologists are predicting unseasonable weather.

Another tip for sticking to your wedding budget is to not view the budget as restrictive.  If instead of thinking about the things that you can’t afford, you focus on how you can make your wedding and reception truly unique you will be inspired to create a fabulous and memorable wedding despite your budget constraints.

Still another tip for sticking to your wedding budget is to shop around and comparison shop for services.  A limousine company may come highly recommended but if they are not in your price range, don’t be afraid to let them know why you are going to have to choose another company and you may be surprised at how soon they are willing to give you a different offer.

One final tip for having an outdoor wedding is to try to provide your guests with as much shade as possible.  You can do this by either providing a large tent or canopy for your guests or by choosing a setting with a number of large trees and planning your wedding for a time and date that would ensure an abundance of shade in the area.  Taking a few precautions and planning wisely will ensure that your outdoor wedding is a success.  It is important to make a few adjustments to your usual planning and making provisions that will keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the ceremony and the reception.

A Guide to Wedding Gifts

There is no right or wrong rule to this since every couple is different, as is every wedding guest’s budget. What is well received and appreciated by one couple may horrify another. If you are having trouble deciding on what would be a proper wedding gift, here are some questions to consider to help guide you in your gift selection:

What are the bride and groom’s personalities? Are they a fun-loving couple? Are they eccentric? Are they very conservative? By answering such questions, you should be better able to search for gift ideas that will suit their personalities, and therefore be happily received.

What hobbies and interests do they have? Choose gifts that will enhance the enjoyment of their interests. For example, some couples love bowling together. Search for a gift that’s related to this sport such as matching personalized bowling hats.

What type of food do they both love? If they love Italian food, then a gift certificate to a romantic Italian restaurant would be appropriate. Another idea is to put together or purchase an Italian food gift basket for a romantic picnic. If they’re the type of couple that loves barbecued foods, a gift basket full of barbecue sauces, recipes and spices would be a welcomed wedding present.

How is their home decorated? For those who know the couple well and have been in their home, you may want to look for something that will complement their decor, such as a special figurine, a picture or a collectible.

Choose a gift based on the theme of their wedding. This can become a collection of wedding memories that they could display in their home. As an example, our wedding featured hearts and swans as the theme. Based on that wedding theme, some of the gifts we’ve received for anniversaries have been a small table fountain featuring two swans “in the pond,” and a musical swan snow globe.

Do they have a gift registry set up? If so, you can choose something that you know they are guaranteed to like.

Gift a gift of money. If you still can’t decide, then send a check equal to what you would have spent on a wedding present. Make it out to Mr. and Mrs. Whatever (unless the bride is keeping her maiden name – in which case use both names on the check).

Invitations Set the Tone of the Wedding


Wedding invitations are one of the best ways to set the tone of any wedding. This is because the bride and groom may have little contact with some of their wedding guests prior to the wedding since many wedding guests are distant family or family friends that may not be an immediate force in their lives. This makes it imperative that the bride and groom use the wedding invitations to set the tone for the wedding.

When the time comes for the bride and groom to choose wedding invitations, it is necessary that they already have their wedding color scheme and tone set for the wedding. This can be anything from a simple color scheme to something as elaborate as a beach theme wedding or a winter theme wedding. This can all be conveyed to the guests by choosing the right wedding invitations.

The guests will know the proper etiquette and attire required at the wedding after receiving the wedding invitations. This means that if an invitation is formal and elegant that wedding guests can expect a formal and elegant affair. In this case they would recognize the necessity to dress formally. If the wedding invitations are casual or delineate a specific theme, then the guests will realize that the dress requirements will be less strict and more comfortable. There is little that is less embarrassing than being overdressed or underdressed at such an important occasion. All eyes should be on the bride and groom and not the woman in a ball gown at the beach theme wedding. If the bride and groom choose to do so, they can physically include the proper dress requirements at the bottom of the wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations convey all of this information to the wedding guests when the bride and groom choose them properly. This means choosing the right card stock as well as the right font and lettering style. An expensive wedding invitation that is written in an elaborate script will tell guests that the wedding will be an elaborate affair. A cheaper invitation will indicate that the wedding is going to be more casual. This means that the bride and groom should not try to shave their budget by purchasing cheaper wedding invitations.

The wording of the wedding invitations is one of the biggest indications of the tone of the wedding. There are several ways to choose wedding invitation wording. Most invitation retailers will have examples of popular wording. These can be used as is or mixed and matched to fit the bride and groom’s style. The bride and groom also have the ability to write their own wedding invitation wording in order to personalize their wedding invitations.

The bride and groom need to consider all of this information carefully when choosing the perfect wedding invitations. It is crucial that their guests have all of the necessary information including what to expect from the wedding event itself. This will help them to prepare for the wedding including their attire, a proper gift, and expected etiquette.


Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding


No matter where you and your future spouse are wed, your wedding will have the same meaning and give you the same new start to a beautiful beginning together, however destination weddings can add a little extra touch to the wedding of your dreams.

When planning a destination wedding talk about different places where you would like to be united. An advantage to having a destination wedding is being able to have your ceremony and honeymoon in the same location. One way to get some ideas about where to hold your destination wedding is to check out some of the different resort locations on the internet. Most resorts offer wedding packages that have everything included, even a wedding planner. All you need to do is provide the bride and groom! If you want more control over your big day use these tips and ideas for planning one of the biggest days in your life.

As with every wedding, prepare a wedding planner or organizer. This will keep tasks organized and remind you of dates that certain tasks need to be accomplished by. Remember that by having a destination wedding, you will be planning your event long distance, so it will be important to have a list of things that need to be done before you arrive.

When inviting guests to your destination wedding, send out announcements early, letting them know which hotel to call to reserve rooms, as well as dates and times for plane tickets so they can be purchased in advance. You may also think about having a large reception when you return home for those who cannot attend your wedding. Send out separate announcements for this and let them know they will have a chance to congratulate you at a later date.

For destination weddings it is important to check on regulations and laws. If you are being married outside of the United States, be sure to have passports, blood tests, a U.S. marriage license, if needed, and any other paperwork that will need to be completed. Stay ahead of the game so when you arrive at your destination everything is in order.

Also consider how you will get your attire to your destination wedding. Rather than trying to check everything in at the airport on the day you fly out, ship everything separately two weeks in advance. Call the destination and confirm that everything arrived in a peaceful state. This will also give you two weeks extra time in the event that something is damaged in travel.

Do not forget to hire a photographer, clergy, wedding planner and bakery to complete your wedding. For information on different services offered, you can contact the destination’s Visitor Bureau.

A few of the more popular destination wedding spots include Jamaica in the Caribbean, the Florida Keys, the blue waters of Hawaii, and Las Vegas, with its hundreds of wedding chapels.

As long as you plan ahead and expect a few challenges, your destination wedding is sure to be day to remember.