Silvis Junior High 8th Grade Graduation Dance

Master DJ at Silvis IL DJ Jr High School DanceOn May 23rd, DJ Tanner Jones headed out to Silvis Junior High School to DJ their 8th Grade Graduation Dance. What a fun time this was! All of the students started out the night being served dinner by some parent volunteers. As soon as they were done eating they headed into the school’s gymnasium which had been transformed into a large dance floor. Our LED lights looked awesome lighting up that gym! All of the students really enjoyed dancing to group songs such as the cupid shuffle and during the cha-cha slide even all of the volunteers joined in. A dance contest even broke out at one point! During the middle of the event the students got a chance to win some pretty awesome door prizes. Everything from gift cards to river bandit tickets were given away and one student even won a new iPod! After the door prizes had been handed out the students were able to dance a little while longer until finally the dance came to a close. Master DJ was grateful to be a part of the fun. We wish all of the Silvis 8th grade students the best of luck as they continue on to United Township High School and congratulations on your graduation!

Master DJ Steeplegate Inn Mapes/Crigger Wedding Reception

On Saturday May, 28th, Master DJ helped make memories with Erin Mapes & Adam Crigger at theSteeplegate Inn in Davenport, Iowa. The reception went off without a hitch!

Because of the couple’s shared interest in fishing, the reception was themed with a boat shaped cake, and the bridal party’s grand entrance was to “Fishin in the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Band.

Uplighting was also provided, with red and blue light washing up the walls of the room. With the Steeplegate Inn’s great big walls and soft lights, it looked awesome!

Erin and Adam shared their wedding first dance to Rascal Flatts’ Bless The Broken Road. The fun and dancing continued throughout the reception and all of their guests seemed to really enjoy themselves . DJ Tanner Jones and the Master DJ staff were lucky to be a part of this milestone for Erin & Adam. Congratulations, and best wishes!

2011-05-14 Lavender Crest Winery Pinkston/Anderson Wedding

Quad City Wedding First Dance Tanner from Master DJ spun some music for Kristene Pinkston and Joel Anderson at Lavender Crest on Saturday night. Lavender Crest is a winery in Colona and a great wedding and reception location in the Quad Cities. The couple were keeping an eye to the sky and fighting weather in order to stick to their plan of an outdoor wedding ceremony. They actually managed to have the ceremony outdoors without getting wet. Afterwards the guests came in, had a wine tasting, and danced the night away.

This group was not a shy one and were always on the dancefloor. It was one of those nights were it is totally fun to be a DJ. You could tell that the guests all enjoyed each others company and were truly there to celebrate. Of course, Kristene was often seen pulling friends and family onto the already packed dancefloor, but of course there is always room for more.

We also provided a two color uplighting system that complimented the facility decor greatly and added some vibrance and life to the room. This was an awesome night and we were grateful to be a part of it!


Lawton/Erwin 5-14-2011 Wedding DJ at RiverCenter

Ashley Lawton and Ben Erwin celebrated their wedding with Master DJ & Visual Effects in Davenport, Iowa at the RiverCenter. The event was held in the Mississippi Hall, which was fully decked out with the “lighted canopy” offered through the RiverCenter. DJ Bryan Sullivan led the festivities. We also provided a custom designed monogram light for Ashley & Ben.

The RiverCenter Mississippi Hall in Davenport is one of our favorite wedding facilities to DJ in. The room does pose some serious challenges that must be overcome by a DJ though. First, is the massive size of the room. Not only is the footprint of the area large, but the ceiling trim height is around 24 feet as well. This size is a challenge for audio, lighting, and entertaining; but also allows us many opportunities we do not have at most other facilities. Lighting can be designed to make the room feel smaller. The lighted canopy you see if an in-house option offered by the RiverCenter staff and is a great option. We also have several tricks up our sleeves that can work with or without the canopy in place. If you have questions about what we can offer in the RiverCenter or any other wedding facility in Davenport, then give us a call. We work here all the time and know the ins and outs of how things work, facility policies, and how to maximize your event to its fullest. In fact, right now we are designing a massive new year’s eve wedding to take place in this same room.

Anyhow, congratulations and thanks to Ashley & Ben. We were glad you gave us the chance to help out with your special evening. Hopefully it was everything you wanted and more. Best wishes in your new lives together!

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Master DJ service at Hotel BlackHawk in Davenport, IA for Jones/Smith Wedding


Photo by Giraffe Photography

Master DJ provided disc jockey services in Davenport, Iowa at the Hotel Blackhawk on Saturday May 7th for Katie Jones & Eric Smith. The only major concern Katie & Eric had was that the guests have fun! This is usually the number one concern of our clients and really should be the major focus of any reception. DJ Tanner Jones worked the event as DJ/MC. Katie & Eric hired Giraffe Photography of Davenport, Iowa for their wedding photography. The crowd had a great time in the new Gold Room of Hotel Blackhawk and we were happy to be a part of their special day. Congrats Katie & Eric!