Quad City Photo Booth

Over the past few years, photo booths at weddings and events have soared in popularity.

We are now launching a special event photo booth rental service available at the end of January 2011. We have been in the research phase of this project for 2 years and are excited to finally find a booth that produces awesome photos.

Why did it take us 2 years of research?

1. We needed a booth that could fit MORE than 1 or 2 people (including handicapped guests). We can easily fit 4+.
2. Most photo booths produce extremely low quality pictures, ours uses a very high quality camera so you can have high quality files after the event
3. Real photo printer. Our booth uses a dye sublimation printer. The bottom line is a glossy, clear, waterproof photo that’s expected to last 100 years. Not some cheap inkjet print that won’t even make it home.
4. 800 lb metal photobooths have been known to damage door frames and flooring and facilities and are now starting to be banned. Ours breaks down and is much lighter so it is allowed anywhere.

Here’s the real exciting news…

The other guys charge over $1,000.00 for a rental in the Quad City Area and our normal rate will be in that ballpark as well. Right now, it is significantly less.