Corporate Event Entertainment

Companies that have fun together prosper together.

Does your Human Resources Director ever get stressed-out from too many personnel issues?  Maybe you need to throw a little party.

Nothing cuts through stress better than fun.  Corporate America has learned the value of retaining good employees.  It takes time and money to attract and train good employees.

A party is such an easy way to show your employees you care.  That means so much to workers in every company in America.


If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

Master Entertainment is THE company big and small companies in the Quad Cities turn to when they plan any event that needs to be fun.  We bring people together and help lighten their load with some good music.  We know how to create interaction, to nurture teamwork, and build camaraderie within your organization.  You can tap our entertainment talents in many ways to build a workforce that sincerely appreciates its employer.


When should you call [Acme Entertainment]?

Here are some of the most popular events companies call us to entertain at:

• Banquets

• Holiday parties

• Employee birthday parties

• Retirement parties

• Conventions

• Employee recognition

• Uncelebrated holidays (Columbus day, Presidents’ Day, Veterans Days, etc.)

• Customer appreciation parties

• Grand openings and ground-breakings


Be creative.  Everyone loves a chance to relax and have some fun.  Call Master Entertainment @ 877-504-0186 to learn more without obligation.  Build a team that makes your company the best place to work in your town.  Master Entertainment Quad Cities can help.

Event Lighting Services

Here’s the bottom line with event lighting. Nobody does it better or bigger than master dj. We have passion for lighting (especially large shows). We can design something very elegant that can be transformed into something wild all in the same room. We have more equipment than anyone else in the lighting decor market locally. Please visit our facebook page to see a ton of photos and videos of our work. We offer everything from $100 uplighting rentals to 5 figure custom productions. We can establish what will work best within your budget during a free lighting design session in our office. Call us at 877-504-0186 to set one up.

In the meantime, here’s a quick video of some custom productions we have done…

Quad City Game Show

Quad City Game Show (QCGS) was launched in August of 2004. It is a totally new and unique form of entertainment to the Quad City Area. QCGS is a division on Master DJ & Visual Effects, Inc. Master DJ has been providing disc jockey entertainment services to the Quad City Area since 1996. We are well-known in the area as a high-quality entertainment service provider. QCGS was launched to further increase our offerings to the area and to fill the need for a new type of entertainment. Since we launched this service “trivia night” fundraisers have sprung up in great quantity. Be advised that our game show is not a “trivia night”. It is meant to simulate a television game show, not a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Visit for more info or call 877-504-0186 to request in info kit.

Quad City Photo Booth

Over the past few years, photo booths at weddings and events have soared in popularity.

We are now launching a special event photo booth rental service available at the end of January 2011. We have been in the research phase of this project for 2 years and are excited to finally find a booth that produces awesome photos.

Why did it take us 2 years of research?

1. We needed a booth that could fit MORE than 1 or 2 people (including handicapped guests). We can easily fit 4+.
2. Most photo booths produce extremely low quality pictures, ours uses a very high quality camera so you can have high quality files after the event
3. Real photo printer. Our booth uses a dye sublimation printer. The bottom line is a glossy, clear, waterproof photo that’s expected to last 100 years. Not some cheap inkjet print that won’t even make it home.
4. 800 lb metal photobooths have been known to damage door frames and flooring and facilities and are now starting to be banned. Ours breaks down and is much lighter so it is allowed anywhere.

Here’s the real exciting news…

The other guys charge over $1,000.00 for a rental in the Quad City Area and our normal rate will be in that ballpark as well. Right now, it is significantly less.