Charity and Donation Requests

Due to an overwhelming increase in request for services, donations, and discounts for charity requests; we now have an online request form. All requests must be submitted through this form. Thanks for your cooperation!

Please note: We receive sponsorship requests every week. Because Master Entertainment is a very small organization and our financial resources are limited, we cannot accommodate all eligible requests we receive. Therefore we must carefully review all appeals and grant support only to those organizations that best meet our community involvement objectives.

The request form is online at:

Corporate Event Entertainment

Companies that have fun together prosper together.

Does your Human Resources Director ever get stressed-out from too many personnel issues?  Maybe you need to throw a little party.

Nothing cuts through stress better than fun.  Corporate America has learned the value of retaining good employees.  It takes time and money to attract and train good employees.

A party is such an easy way to show your employees you care.  That means so much to workers in every company in America.


If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

Master Entertainment is THE company big and small companies in the Quad Cities turn to when they plan any event that needs to be fun.  We bring people together and help lighten their load with some good music.  We know how to create interaction, to nurture teamwork, and build camaraderie within your organization.  You can tap our entertainment talents in many ways to build a workforce that sincerely appreciates its employer.


When should you call [Acme Entertainment]?

Here are some of the most popular events companies call us to entertain at:

• Banquets

• Holiday parties

• Employee birthday parties

• Retirement parties

• Conventions

• Employee recognition

• Uncelebrated holidays (Columbus day, Presidents’ Day, Veterans Days, etc.)

• Customer appreciation parties

• Grand openings and ground-breakings


Be creative.  Everyone loves a chance to relax and have some fun.  Call Master Entertainment @ 877-504-0186 to learn more without obligation.  Build a team that makes your company the best place to work in your town.  Master Entertainment Quad Cities can help.

Event Lighting Services

Here’s the bottom line with event lighting. Nobody does it better or bigger than master dj. We have passion for lighting (especially large shows). We can design something very elegant that can be transformed into something wild all in the same room. We have more equipment than anyone else in the lighting decor market locally. Please visit our facebook page to see a ton of photos and videos of our work. We offer everything from $100 uplighting rentals to 5 figure custom productions. We can establish what will work best within your budget during a free lighting design session in our office. Call us at 877-504-0186 to set one up.

In the meantime, here’s a quick video of some custom productions we have done…

DJs for Other Events

Our staff has performed at countless other event types not listed elsewhere on this site. These events include: corporate events, birthday parties, anniversary parties, fundraisers, graduations, holiday parties, new year’s eve events, debutante balls, quinceaneras, mitzvahs and many others.

Please give us a call or an email with some details on your event and we will get you a custom quote on the best entertainment options for your event. The prices for private events (other than weddings) are not available through our online price quote system.

Call 877-504-0186

School Dance DJs

When it comes to school dance, we don’t do a ton of them…but the ones we do are one-of-a-kind. Proms, Homecoming Dances, Sadies…the DJ is the most important thing in all of them. We specialize in large production school dances. We will come and transform your school gym or field house into a posh space with sound and lighting that rivals any nightclub you have seen. Want an idea of what we’re bragging about…check out this video:


Comedy Hypnosis All Stars Show

Justin has been entertaining since 1996 and performed before countless crowds over the years. Justin is the author of the books, “All About Hypnosis” and “The Hypnosis Handbook” as well as numerous hypnosis audio programs. He has launched, owned, and operated several entertainment businesses. Justin has hypnotized people all over including Illinois all the way to Las Vegas. His entertainment career began before he was 10 years old as he performed magic shows for his family during holiday gatherings. In 1996, at the age of 14 he started a mobile DJ company. Since then he has launched several other entertainment services including live game shows, comedy hypnosis, and other forms of event entertainment.

The stage hypnosis business exists to serve the high school post prom and after graduation party market. We are used to performance times between 11PM and 5AM and regularly perform multiple show per night. Our show has grown in popularity to the point to where we fly in some of the best hypnotists from around the country to perform these shows. Call us soon as dates fill fast (most of these events occur on only 3-6 nights each year). As of 2009, Justin has retired from active performance of comedy hypnosis and continues to book shows for premier hypnotists from around the country through Comedy Hypnosis All Stars. Knowledge gained from actually performing these shows allows Justin to only hire the best, safest, and most entertaining performers.

We have worked hard to establish shows that will be entertaining and will not offend or embarrass your guests in these sensitive settings. All content is age-appropriate.

We know that your reputation rests on the success or your event and we guarantee that our show will help you reach a level that has not been previously accomplished. We also offer hypnosis entertainment for other events. Please inquire.

Visit our hypnosis website for more info

Secret Cinemas Outdoor Movies

Secret Cinemas is our outdoor movie division that provides giant inflatable movie screens, projections systems, and sound systems in order to show movies to large crowds at night. We have shown movies all over the quad cities and some of our clients include: City of Bettendorf, Village of Milan, City of Moline, and many more. We can also provide screens for corporate and private events. We are able to license movies for public showing (even before they are out on DVD).

Please visit for more details or call us at 877-504-0186.

Quad City Game Show

Quad City Game Show (QCGS) was launched in August of 2004. It is a totally new and unique form of entertainment to the Quad City Area. QCGS is a division on Master DJ & Visual Effects, Inc. Master DJ has been providing disc jockey entertainment services to the Quad City Area since 1996. We are well-known in the area as a high-quality entertainment service provider. QCGS was launched to further increase our offerings to the area and to fill the need for a new type of entertainment. Since we launched this service “trivia night” fundraisers have sprung up in great quantity. Be advised that our game show is not a “trivia night”. It is meant to simulate a television game show, not a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Visit for more info or call 877-504-0186 to request in info kit.