Look! It’s Vanna White!

Vanna White and Brittany

On June 24th, we hosted an all day photo booth at the Isle of Capri for the grand opening of their new land based casino. A ton of people attended including Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune! The newest member of our staff, Brittany, was lucky enough to snap some pictures with her in our photo booth.

Vanna was also taking pictures and signing autographs for guests at the casino. She must have brought good luck with her because there were some big winners that day!

Thanks for stopping by to see us, Vanna!

And Our Client Of The Month Is… Amanda (Buchanan) & Derek Goetzl!!

Amanda, DJ JoCo, Derek

Amanda, DJ JoCo, Derek

On Friday the 13th of May, we had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of Amanda and Derek. We had a party! They got married at the Watchtower Lodge in Blackhawk State Park. We lit the ceremony room and provided audio while Lewis Knudsen played guitar. The ceremony was packed and we had standing room only. It was such an awesome experience. We then moved into the main room and enjoyed the rest of the evening. We had our photo booth in the lobby and we uplit the room and DJed/emceed the night. For a Friday night, they had a ton of guests! The dance floor was so full, we had to move tables out to make more room. I really enjoyed working with this couple.

Congrats Amanda and Derek!

-DJ JoCo, Zach, and the rest of the Master Entertainment Staff

Community Life

Justin and Rick Harrison

Justin and Rick Harrison

It’s not summer yet, but it sure feels like it. The weather has finally turned to warmth and the craziness that is summer is upon us.

Last month, I traveled twice. Once to Jacksonville, Florida for a marketing conference. While there I got a chance to meet Rick Harrison (from History’s Pawn Stars show). I also found out a festival was taking place within walking distance of my downtown hotel, so I was able to catch two bands I wanted to see, Collective Soul and Three Doors Down. Yes, I am a 90’s/00’s pop/rock fan.

A few days after returning from that trip, it was off to Phoenix, Arizona for a sales conference along with our COO Johnathan. No concerts this time, just a small group of amazing entrepreneurs furthering their sales skills. There were about 30 of us. On day three of the conference, we actually got on the phone and as a group we booked 1.3 million dollars’ worth of business. Not too shabby for a few dozen people and 6 hours of work.

Phoenix was supposed to mark the end of my travel for a while, but another speaking gig just got booked for Las Vegas again in July. Until then, I am looking forward to some much needed family time. My brother will be in the QC for Memorial Day weekend and get to spend some time with us. I also, just bought a new bicycle so hope to get to spend some time on that (although I much prefer my motorcycle which also needs the cobwebs dusted off.)

Should be some great stories next month after the official start of Summer.

Until next month,

— Justin

Our Client of the Month is… Courtney (Koehler) & Casey Wigant!

Groom, Casey, and his groomsmen

Groom, Casey, and his groomsmen

We’re back into wedding season so it is getting harder and harder to pick the client of the month because they’re all so awesome! On April 2nd, we had our photo booth out at the iWireless Center for Courtney and Casey Wigant’s wedding. We had a blast! There was a line all night long for the photo booth which we brought props and a memory book for. Needless to say, their memory book was full and it will be a great reminder of how amazing their wedding reception was.  We had a ton of big groups in the photo booth including the groom and his groomsmen.


Congratulations Courtney and Casey!

-Johnathan and the Master Entertainment Staff


Community Life

With April wrapping up and May just around the corner, it is definitely feeling like summer around here. It is also still the middle of my convention season if you will. As many of you know, I invest heavily in education and attend many expos. I also have a marketing consulting company and speak at many industry conventions.

In April, we packed back up and headed to Las Vegas for the second time in as many months. This time for Photo Booth Expo. I hosted a full day workshop one day and spoke 4 other times while I was there. Good thing I wasn’t sick and had a voice the entire time.

While in Vegas, I got a chance to visit my brother again and eat some good food (including some of the best pizza I have had at Pizza Rock). While, not really a gambler, I did manage to win some money at craps and Aaron Brown seemed to have an uncanny ability to win at bingo… yes bingo.

That’s it for Vegas but now on to Jacksonville, Florida and then Phoenix, Arizona. Then, I will finally get to stay home for a while and spend some time with my wife and two sons. Mason (now 16 months) seems to be becoming quite the rascal and seems to love throwing things for reaction. Logan (now 3), leads a busy life between daycare and preschool. It is really tough to leave them so much within such a short time frame.

May will be another crazy busy month, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Until next month,


And Our Client Of The Month Is… Joanna (Griffin) & Ryan Neumann!!

Kourtney, Ryan, Joanna, Johnathan

Kourtney, Ryan, Joanna, Johnathan

It was a beautiful Winter’s day in February when Joanna Griffin and Ryan Neumann tied the knot! This couple was a blast to work with from day one. Both are so full of joy and excitement. I got a call on January 4th that they had booked the Hotel Blackhawk and were getting married in about 2 months and needed everything. We got together and started the planning immediately!

Our lead designer, Alyssa, along with Lisa Hunt from L’Couture quickly put together a few things and sent it over to Joanna and Ryan. They were glad for all the help and wanted to make this a night to remember; and we did just that. The Gold Room was elegantly decorated and lit with our uplights. We draped off the stairs going to the dance floor and moved it to the center of the room. We also DJ’d the evening, keeping the dance floor full and hoppin’ for the night.

Best Wishes to you two!

-DJ JoCo, Kourtney, and all of us at Master Entertainment

Community Life

Justin with Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer

Justin with Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer

One fourth of 2016 is gone already. Do you believe it? The years pass by quicker and quicker as I get older and life becomes even busier. It seems there is no time to just stop and take it all in. Logan is 3 years old already and Mason is 1. I am sure before I know what happened they will be 4 and 2. So how is your year going?

Are you still on track for your new year’s resolutions and goals? If you are like most people, then likely no. The good news is that if you are still on track with a new behavior, by this point it should be engrained in your subconscious mind and be second-nature. When I was more involved with hypnosis, 21 days was the magic number for behavior modifications. I must admit that some of my goals need revisited again.

I am also now upon a very busy season personally. I just got back from speaking to 1,000+ disc jockeys in Las Vegas on marketing and management. While I was there, I got a chance to meet and get a picture with Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue tv fame and of course see my brother, Brian, who is a Vegas transplant from here in the QC.

In two weeks, I will be back on a plane again headed to Las Vegas to present. I am hosting a one day private marketing workshop and also presenting at an expo for photo booth owners (with likely 1,000 in attendance from over 30 countries). Two weeks after that it is off to Florida to do some learning and then a few days later off to Phoenix. Busy busy busy.

April also marks the unofficial kick off of busy season for Master Entertainment so things are quite hectic. As I write this it is the last week of calm before the storm. We are very, very excited to be busy and blessed to have many of you as customers and clients that make it that way.

Until next month,

-Justin Miller


And our client of the month is.. Friendship Manor!!

Friendship Manor


We had the opportunity to work with Friendship Manor again this year for their Holiday Gala. We brought our photo booth and it was a huge hit. I had a line waiting at the booth all night, with many people going through more than once! We’ve been doing business with Friendship Manor for a few years and, as usual, they were great to work with. They like to change their party up every year and that’s something we specialize in. No one wants to have the same boring holiday party year after year and we make sure that doesn’t happen. Thank you to Terry Iams for the business and we look forward to next year’s party!

-DJ JoCo and the Master Entertainment Staff