Community Life

With April wrapping up and May just around the corner, it is definitely feeling like summer around here. It is also still the middle of my convention season if you will. As many of you know, I invest heavily in education and attend many expos. I also have a marketing consulting company and speak at many industry conventions.

In April, we packed back up and headed to Las Vegas for the second time in as many months. This time for Photo Booth Expo. I hosted a full day workshop one day and spoke 4 other times while I was there. Good thing I wasn’t sick and had a voice the entire time.

While in Vegas, I got a chance to visit my brother again and eat some good food (including some of the best pizza I have had at Pizza Rock). While, not really a gambler, I did manage to win some money at craps and Aaron Brown seemed to have an uncanny ability to win at bingo… yes bingo.

That’s it for Vegas but now on to Jacksonville, Florida and then Phoenix, Arizona. Then, I will finally get to stay home for a while and spend some time with my wife and two sons. Mason (now 16 months) seems to be becoming quite the rascal and seems to love throwing things for reaction. Logan (now 3), leads a busy life between daycare and preschool. It is really tough to leave them so much within such a short time frame.

May will be another crazy busy month, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Until next month,