Community Life


The winter that never came? Ok, I know we are not out of the woods yet, but the mild winter here has been quite a relief to me. While my wife and I still have not had a chance to go sledding with the boys in our new backyard this winter, I certainly have not missed the bitter cold. In just a couple short weeks we will be springing the clocks ahead. This means we lose an hour of sleep in the morning, which I don’t like, but we will also have more daylight after the work day is done. I really love actually having some daylight hours with the kids after work rather than feeling like all the time is gone already. I’m really looking forward to something as simple as changing the clocks.

Last month, my wife and I got a chance to take a Valentine’s Day staycation at the Stoney Creek thanks to some babysitting from my folks and a hookup from hotel staff (thanks!). With life being as hectic as it is, we just do not get enough time to ourselves. That being said, we wouldn’t trade it for anything either. We do thoroughly enjoy our “date nights” as much as we can. If anyone has any restaurant recommendations, shoot me an email.

Coming up here in March and April I will be spending lots of time on the road speaking at various conventions and consulting with clients in my Profit 911 business. I enjoy traveling but it puts a huge burden on the rest of my family and is hard emotionally not to be able to help out with the boys. One of the benefits of being self-employed is a flexible schedule but the downside is that there are many parts of the job that also take away from home life that employees do not have to deal with. I get to travel the country, but the inside of the conference rooms all look the same.

Master Entertainment is doing great and our newly launched décor division is picking up steam under the direction of Alyssa. What we offer has become so many different things and we continue to add more. It really is an exciting company to guide as things are always evolving. While Johnathan has the reigns on the operations, I am able to focus on the strategy. If you have ever worked for a small company, you know that it is completely different from anything else out there.

I am sure I will have plenty of new stories next month after my trip to Las Vegas to speak. I also am set up with VIP access to meet Jon Taffer of the show Bar Rescue, so that should be neat as well.

Until next month..