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Cars lined up and ready to go!

Cars lined up and ready to go!

Greetings Loyal Master Entertainment Fanatic! I hope that your summer has been going great and you are taking some time to enjoy the summer months. Here at the Miller household things have been as  busy as ever (as any of you with kids know).

While I tend to stay inside and hide when the temp is over 90, there have still been some chances to get outside and have some fun. Our two boys have enjoyed being pulled around behind our bicycles in their child trailer. Only problem is they seem to think they are in a chariot and Mom and Dad are their horses. I hear “wheeee” and “go faster” quite often our of Logan’s mouth.

I also got a chance to head to Las Vegas yet again this year for another public speaking gig. Temps out there were something ridiculous like 115 degrees. Guess I have never been there in the middle of summer, but it felt like someone had a blow-dryer turned on high pointed at me.

Despite the heat, I got outside and spent a morning at Speed Vegas. SV is a racetrack designed just for people to rent and drive exotic cars as fast as possible while being as safe as possible. Take your choice of Mustang, Corvette, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche… you name it. I chose a Mercedes and managed to get going 125mph on the straightaway. I highly recommend this activity if you are in Vegas and want to do something besides gamble. The place is brand new (still under construction) and the staff is great.

We have also worked some amazing weddings this past month including one that contracted a professional fireworks display over their private lake. We have had several new offerings out this month and continue to bring innovative ideas to our events with the addition of our in-house designer and décor rental services we added earlier this year. We offer a TON of different services now all in one stop with the attention to detail and high quality we are known for. If you have not already, I invite you to like us on Facebook ( so you can see all that is new.

Until next month…