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Justin and Rick Harrison

Justin and Rick Harrison

It’s not summer yet, but it sure feels like it. The weather has finally turned to warmth and the craziness that is summer is upon us.

Last month, I traveled twice. Once to Jacksonville, Florida for a marketing conference. While there I got a chance to meet Rick Harrison (from History’s Pawn Stars show). I also found out a festival was taking place within walking distance of my downtown hotel, so I was able to catch two bands I wanted to see, Collective Soul and Three Doors Down. Yes, I am a 90’s/00’s pop/rock fan.

A few days after returning from that trip, it was off to Phoenix, Arizona for a sales conference along with our COO Johnathan. No concerts this time, just a small group of amazing entrepreneurs furthering their sales skills. There were about 30 of us. On day three of the conference, we actually got on the phone and as a group we booked 1.3 million dollars’ worth of business. Not too shabby for a few dozen people and 6 hours of work.

Phoenix was supposed to mark the end of my travel for a while, but another speaking gig just got booked for Las Vegas again in July. Until then, I am looking forward to some much needed family time. My brother will be in the QC for Memorial Day weekend and get to spend some time with us. I also, just bought a new bicycle so hope to get to spend some time on that (although I much prefer my motorcycle which also needs the cobwebs dusted off.)

Should be some great stories next month after the official start of Summer.

Until next month,

— Justin