Why We Exist…

We have a new addition to our wall of fame today in the office. We have posted the purpose of Master DJ and why we exist at all. The new sign reads, “Why we exist… To do what our competitors are too lazy, cheap, dumb, or ignorant to.”

While this may seem a bit arrogant or disrespectful of others (especially if you haven’t come in to meet us and find out what we are all about), it pretty much sums up our business philosophy. We want to provide THE BEST disc jockey and entertainment services in the Quad Cities and beyond.

In order to do this we have to have the best staff, work harder than anyone else, invest in the best equipment, and have the most knowledge of our industry and services. Its all about what you want here. If you want it, we will make it happen….and we promise to do it better than anyone else. If we don’t feel we can live up to that promise, we will send you elsewhere is someone is better equipped to your unique request. Rest assured we will never say no because something is difficult or involves a lot of extra work. This purpose statement pretty much sums up what we do and why. Get to know us better by stopping by. We are laid-back professionals that can bring events to reality. We look forward to working with you.