Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are your services?
Our rates depend upon a number of factors including type of event, location, and type of setup. We are a high-end, full-time, formal event entertainment company and our rates are reflective of that. You can receive a pricequote by going to the availability and pricing section of our website; however, we encourage you to call 877-504-0186 to setup a consultation with us to learn more about what are services entail.
Q: Is setup and takedown time included in your price?
Yes. If you are on a 6 hour package, then that means six hours of performance time. If your select our unlimited package, you will never be asked to pay anything beyond our flat rate. Once again we cover all setup and takedown costs.
Q: What happens at my final planning meeting?
Your consultation occurs between 2 and 4 weeks before your event. At that event, you will meet with your selected or assigned DJ. The meeting can occur at your home,  any specified location, or the location of your event. You and our staff will discuss every single detail of your event including expectations, music, pronunciations of names, and order of events.
Q: Do you take breaks?
No. Our DJ staff will perform continuously throughout the night. From our scheduled start time until your party is over, the music will be playing (unless of course you request a break for some other reason). Our computerized playback equipment allows for continuous music flow. Unlike bands that have to stop and rest, we can play the night away.
Q: Can we choose the music to be played at our event?
Our services are based solely upon what you want them to be. We have learned that keeping your crowd alive depends on a lot of things including the type of music, type of mix, DJ personality, atmosphere, etcbut not just the music. You can supply us with a comprehensive list of songs to play, some requests, or a list of songs not to play. It is all up to you. Also, we will leave plenty of room for requests from your guests. One note: if you hate the chicken dance, hokey pokey, etc then you are in good company.
Q: Can we have a “do not play” list?
Yes. For many clients, this is extremely important. You may tell us to not play specific songs or even a type of music. If you tell us not to, feel confident that we won’t play it.
Q: What if we want a song that you don’t have?
Our music collection spans thousands of songs from several decades. Often a client will want a song that is somewhat obscure and we may not have it. If this is the case, then we will purchase the song at our expense (assuming it is currently available).
Q: How loud do you play the music?
One of the greatest concerns of bands and DJs is that the music is too loud. This will not be the case with our services. During your cocktail and dinner hours we will play soft and relaxing background music. The sound will evenly dispersed throughout the hall thanks to our BOSE sound system. We will make sure that your guests can hear both themselves talking and the background music. When it comes time for dance music we will adjust the levels accordingly, but would never create an uncomfortable environment due to too high of sound level.
Q: Do you have backup equipment?
Our DJs will have a certain amount of equipment on-hand to ensure the music keeps going. Our equipment and staff are very dependable. If something does fail, it can be easily fixed or switched without you and your guests even knowing. Backup staff is also available.
Q: Do you provide a light show?
All wedding event quotes include our basic dance-floor light show. We offer a myriad of other lighting options that fall more under decor than DJ services. These can really set the mood for fun. Give us a call and ask more.
11 Q: How interactive are your DJs?
This is another great concern of all customers. The answer is simple: are DJs are as interactive as you want them to be. They can be background figures that keep the attention on the bridal party, completely outgoing, or any level that you desire. We are professional entertainers and can handle your requests without a problem. You will never hear your DJ yelling or singing into the microphone. We are not the type of DJ that has a chest full of funny hats and props to entertain you either. If you are looking for that type of company, then please look elsewhere. We will use our skills professionally and never steal the spotlight.
12 Q: How experienced are your entertainers?
All our entertainers are carefully selected and trained under our comprehensive training program. Our DJs surpass the competition. We take pride in providing quality service to all our customers. We consider our staff the best in the business. Most others in this area are not even in the same league.
13 Q: Will my DJ be drinking at my event?
Our company does not allow any of our entertainers to consume alcohol before or during any event. We are strict on this policy and you have nothing to worry about.
Q: Can we meet the actual DJ before signing the contract?
This is another common question. We have a dedicated staff of DJs who take their job very seriously. If you wish to request a specific DJ, we are usually able to accommodate that request. If not,  we will assign a DJ to your event about 2 months prior to it. This assignment will be based upon your specific event requirements and in accordance with DJ availability. Your DJ will call you and meet with you as much as you desire. This is all included in your rate.
Q: Can we come view a live event?
This question is common. The simple answer is “no.” Due to our writeen policy and committment to current clientele, we do not allow prospective customers at other events. Most of our events are formal black-tie affairs and not open to the public. Our references will speak for themselves.
Q: How far do you travel?
We commonly serve areas within 100 miles of our Quad City base. Beyond that, exceptions are made case-by-case.
Q: Are you insured?
We are covered by a $2 million dollar aggregate liability insurance policy. You and your guests are protected by our service. We take our job very professionally. Our workers are also covered by workers compensation insurance.
18 Q: Does the DJ expect tipping/gratuity?
While it is common to tip the entertainment industry, it is not mandatory. However, if your DJ surpasses your expectations and you wish to tip, we will accept tips as a great compliment.
19 Q: Should we feed the DJ?
This is another common question. The answer is up to you. Our DJs are often at your location for 8 hours or more after setup and takedown time is included. Please let us know if you will be feeding the DJ so that if you are not we can stop and pick something up on the way to your event. If you do provide your DJ staff with food they will be grateful.
20 Q: What is the deposit and when is the final payment due?
We require a signed agreement and one third of the contracted price as a retainer fee to reserve your date. We accept payment by personal check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The remaining balance must be paid prior to your event in accordance with our contract terms. We also offer monthly payment options.
Q: How early should we book?
The sooner the better. Our most popular dates often fill up close to a year in advance. Be prepared to book as early as 8-12 months prior to your event. However, some dates are still available at later dates. If you are running on short notice, please contact our staff via phone so we may assist you. Do not make entertainment your last decision; try to make your final decision as soon as possible.
Q: Is there sales tax or other fees added to your service cost?
No. There is no sales tax on Illinois services. Your contracted rate is what you pay.
Q: Are your rates negotiable to match competitors’ rates?
Our rates are based upon our costs and the value of our services. Our competitors are the DJs whose rates are similar to ours. There are many different levels of quality and service and price is often a reflection of these. Simply stated, “You get what you pay for.” When you hire us not only get a DJ but also you get Reliability, Trustworthiness, Professionalism, Personal Attention, Unlimited Contact Time, and Peace-of-Mind. Others can’t match our level of service and success; we can’t match their prices.
Q: What if I need to cancel or change the date of my event?
Date changes will be treated as a cancellation and new booking under the terms of our performance agreement. Special circumstances do sometimes apply.
25 Q: Are you a member of any professional organizations?
We are a fully licensed Illinois corporation. We are active in the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce as well as several other local and national professional groups.

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