Comedy Hypnosis All Stars Show

Justin has been entertaining since 1996 and performed before countless crowds over the years. Justin is the author of the books, “All About Hypnosis” and “The Hypnosis Handbook” as well as numerous hypnosis audio programs. He has launched, owned, and operated several entertainment businesses. Justin has hypnotized people all over including Illinois all the way to Las Vegas. His entertainment career began before he was 10 years old as he performed magic shows for his family during holiday gatherings. In 1996, at the age of 14 he started a mobile DJ company. Since then he has launched several other entertainment services including live game shows, comedy hypnosis, and other forms of event entertainment.

The stage hypnosis business exists to serve the high school post prom and after graduation party market. We are used to performance times between 11PM and 5AM and regularly perform multiple show per night. Our show has grown in popularity to the point to where we fly in some of the best hypnotists from around the country to perform these shows. Call us soon as dates fill fast (most of these events occur on only 3-6 nights each year). As of 2009, Justin has retired from active performance of comedy hypnosis and continues to book shows for premier hypnotists from around the country through Comedy Hypnosis All Stars. Knowledge gained from actually performing these shows allows Justin to only hire the best, safest, and most entertaining performers.

We have worked hard to establish shows that will be entertaining and will not offend or embarrass your guests in these sensitive settings. All content is age-appropriate.

We know that your reputation rests on the success or your event and we guarantee that our show will help you reach a level that has not been previously accomplished. We also offer hypnosis entertainment for other events. Please inquire.

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