And Our Client of The Month is.. April (Brafman) & Kelby Lanning!

Brittany, Kelby, April, DJ JoCo

Brittany, Kelby, April, DJ JoCo

On June 11th, we had the pleasure of hosting April and Kelby’s state side wedding reception in the Blackwatch Room at Pebble Creek in LeClaire, Iowa. It was a hot day and we had just over 200 guests packed inside. We used up lights to light the whole room. We set up two TVs to play a slide show including pictures from their Dominican Republic wedding and reception. Later in the evening we mixed music videos on the TVs. These guys sure know how to throw a party! I was very excited to be a part of this reception because of how excited April and Kelby were. They were a blast to talk and plan with in the months leading up to their wedding.

Thanks for having us join you for your big day!

-DJ JoCo, Brittany, and the Master Entertainment Staff

Community Life

Enjoying some pool time with our oldest son, Logan.

Enjoying some pool time with our oldest son, Logan.

Summer is officially here and the days are now getting shorter again as the solstice has passed (unfortunately). During summer we take some time to meet up with and play with family and friends.

My wife and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary by staying at Jumer’s and eating at the steakhouse (and yes we even won some money gambling).  We also spent some time eating and drinking at Greekfest (and trying to keep Logan from interrupting the dancers). We have also have spent some time swimming at my parents pool as well as Riverside Park. Beyond that we have had a couple cookouts, celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday (Happy Birthday Merle), and I got a chance to watch a live broadcast of a Drum Corps International show (hoping to see one in-person yet this year).

Yes, crazy, busy times the summer months are but they also help keep in perspective what is important. I encourage you to take time to play this summer. Try not to get overwhelmed but keep busy and create experiences for you and your friends/family. We are truly in the experience business at Master Entertainment and it should be no different in our personal lives.

In our newsletter this month, you will find some info on our outdoor movie services. This is an awesome way to get together with those you love and create memories. It is easy to setup and tear down and gets you out of the house for one evening. Check it out and we hope that you will take us up on the offer to have a little fun under the stars this summer. If you don’t subscribe to our newsletter, give us a call at 309-797-2702 to get more info!

That’s all for this month. I need to go finish refurbishing my deck at home in time for the annual Independence Day gathering.

Until next month..



Look! It’s Vanna White!

Vanna White and Brittany

On June 24th, we hosted an all day photo booth at the Isle of Capri for the grand opening of their new land based casino. A ton of people attended including Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune! The newest member of our staff, Brittany, was lucky enough to snap some pictures with her in our photo booth.

Vanna was also taking pictures and signing autographs for guests at the casino. She must have brought good luck with her because there were some big winners that day!

Thanks for stopping by to see us, Vanna!

Awesome Client Feedback!

We DJ’d a wedding and brought our photo booth to Tycoga Winery on June 11 and we just got some great feedback! Thank you!

“Master Entertainment was a great help for the whole experience. They were great with help for the pre-planning and keeping the night moving along as planned out. The DJ was very involved in making sure the night was as special as could be. The photo booth added great memories to the day and helped keep the night fun and exciting. Thanks Master Entertainment! I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

-Paige (Kruse) & Austin Stout

Wedding Entertainment


A wedding is one of the most special days in a person’s life and a day of celebration shared with family and friends. The wedding entertainment you choose helps to create and maintain the air of celebration, turning the day into a really memorable event. Entertainment at a wedding has many practical uses as well, such as adding structure to the day and breaking the ice between guests.

There are quite a few options for entertainment at a wedding. Many people first think of a live band. Live bands provide music and entertainment and are very popular at weddings. Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more comedians, mentalists, and magicians at weddings. These types of entertainment get the guests at your wedding to participate and adds an extra “wow” factor.

The entertainment we see most often is the DJ. DJs play a vital role at weddings. From before the reception even begins, your DJ is behind the scenes preparing a timeline for the whole night. There’s nothing worse than running out of time for special dances, favorite songs, or speeches. You should be able to count on your DJ to get out on the floor and keep the guests happy all while ensuring all the special moments you want happen on time and aren’t rushed. This is especially important as most photographers don’t stay all night. Your DJ will make sure all the important events of the night happen before the photographer leaves so you can be confident that all special moments were captured on film.


Awesome Client Feedback!

We appreciate getting feedback from our clients! This was from a wedding we had our photo booth at on June 11. These guys were great to work with and we’re so glad we got to be part of their day!

“We had reached out to Johnathan back in February to inquire about our wedding date. After inquiring, we weren’t sure if we had wanted a manned photobooth or do our own. As the date got closer, Johnathan took it upon himself to notify us that our date was still available and we jumped on the chance. It was the best decision we made for our wedding! It was so popular that our attendant was busy the whole time we had it scheduled. The guests loved it and enjoyed the experience! I am so glad that Johnathan reached out to us because it definitely helped make our day that much better! Thank you so much!”

–Ashley (Sherrod) & Jose Ramirez

And Our Client Of The Month Is… Amanda (Buchanan) & Derek Goetzl!!

Amanda, DJ JoCo, Derek

Amanda, DJ JoCo, Derek

On Friday the 13th of May, we had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of Amanda and Derek. We had a party! They got married at the Watchtower Lodge in Blackhawk State Park. We lit the ceremony room and provided audio while Lewis Knudsen played guitar. The ceremony was packed and we had standing room only. It was such an awesome experience. We then moved into the main room and enjoyed the rest of the evening. We had our photo booth in the lobby and we uplit the room and DJed/emceed the night. For a Friday night, they had a ton of guests! The dance floor was so full, we had to move tables out to make more room. I really enjoyed working with this couple.

Congrats Amanda and Derek!

-DJ JoCo, Zach, and the rest of the Master Entertainment Staff

Community Life

Justin and Rick Harrison

Justin and Rick Harrison

It’s not summer yet, but it sure feels like it. The weather has finally turned to warmth and the craziness that is summer is upon us.

Last month, I traveled twice. Once to Jacksonville, Florida for a marketing conference. While there I got a chance to meet Rick Harrison (from History’s Pawn Stars show). I also found out a festival was taking place within walking distance of my downtown hotel, so I was able to catch two bands I wanted to see, Collective Soul and Three Doors Down. Yes, I am a 90’s/00’s pop/rock fan.

A few days after returning from that trip, it was off to Phoenix, Arizona for a sales conference along with our COO Johnathan. No concerts this time, just a small group of amazing entrepreneurs furthering their sales skills. There were about 30 of us. On day three of the conference, we actually got on the phone and as a group we booked 1.3 million dollars’ worth of business. Not too shabby for a few dozen people and 6 hours of work.

Phoenix was supposed to mark the end of my travel for a while, but another speaking gig just got booked for Las Vegas again in July. Until then, I am looking forward to some much needed family time. My brother will be in the QC for Memorial Day weekend and get to spend some time with us. I also, just bought a new bicycle so hope to get to spend some time on that (although I much prefer my motorcycle which also needs the cobwebs dusted off.)

Should be some great stories next month after the official start of Summer.

Until next month,

— Justin