The Seating Chart

seating chart

Do you know what it takes to create a great wedding reception seating plan? You may think it is, but it can easily become quite complicated.

To begin your wedding reception seating strategy, you have to know how many tables you will set up at your wedding reception, as well as how many chairs will be at each table. It is easy to find out. Just contact your wedding reception venue. In addition, ask for a chart of where the tables are placed at the wedding reception.

Don’t begin on the seating plan until you know how many tables and chairs at the tables you have to work with. Contact the wedding reception facility and make sure to ask for a chart of where the tables are located. The reception venue may be able to provide you with blank seating charts. The seating chart should be prepared months before the wedding, but you shouldn’t finalize it until a couple of weeks before the big day.

Place card holders are attractive decorations and functional accessories. Use place card holders to help your guest find their seats. They provide a great way to help your guests with the seating. Place card holders enable your guests to quickly find their seat. Each card should contain the first and last name of each guest.

If you are having a large wedding reception, creating the wedding reception seating plan can be a source for conflict between you and your family. You may want your friends close to you and your mother may want one of her friends closer than you would like. After dinner, some tables may need to be taken down or moved, so don’t seat very old guests at these tables.

Seat family members who don’t see each other often to help them catch up on the latest family issues. Don’t force people to seat with people they don’t like. You should only seat family members together, if they enjoy each other’s company. Seat an even number of guests at each table.

If you know of a guest that enjoys dancing, make sure you seat them close to the dance floor. To avoid possible fights, divorced parents should have their own tables far away from each other. Seat them separately with their respective family members.

Keep small children next to their parents, a separate kids table could quickly turn into chaos.

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide who should sit at which table, proper planning takes time. Seating should not be a result of decision made based on gut feeling. Planning proper seating is hard work, and it requires careful planning.

Friendship Manor’s Holiday Gala

Friendship Manor Holiday Gala

On January 23rd, I hosted a photo booth for Friendship Manor’s Holiday Gala. This is the 2nd year we’ve been to this event and it’s been a blast each time.

“We attempted at a very late date to get the photo booth. Johnathan was not only helpful but very attentive to our needs. He responded quickly and efficiently and had a sample out to me in no time. He also helped out at the party when I asked him to let me know if he noticed anything going awry. Great service!”

–Terry Iams

Thanks for the feedback, Terry! See you next year!

-DJ JoCo

Creating Family Traditions on Your Wedding Day



Do you remember what is was like to be a little girl and dream of your wedding day?  How many of you pictured yourself in your mother’s dress or wearing your grandmother’s necklace from her wedding day?

Heirlooms can be anything from a bracelet to a handkerchief, but there is something to be said about that warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when you are able to participate in a tradition that has so much meaning to your family.  And “heirloom” doesn’t have to mean old, memories are always in the making, so why not start with you?

Quality is the first thing that you need to look for in an item that could potentially be an heirloom.  Without quality construction, no item will last long enough to be in the family for generations to come.

Timelessness is another aspect to consider.  When choosing items that you’d like to pass down to your children and grandchildren try to avoid fads and trends. Chances are, it will be a few generations before they will come back into style again.

A very easy way to start a tradition that will stay in the family is with jewelry.  Do you know a woman who doesn’t own a piece of jewelry with a story behind it?  A good story is the start of a lasting heirloom. It’s a perfect place to begin.

Just imagine yourself in 10 years, sitting on your couch with your daughter while you’re flipping through the photo album from your wedding day.  And in all of the photos, you are wearing a Swarovski Three Point Necklace, it sparkles beautifully, and is the finishing touch that really makes you a princess-for-a-day!

Now imagine yourself in 30 years, standing with your daughter on her special day.  Both of you are absolutely overwhelmed with anticipation for the events to come and cherishing every moment.  You have tied each bow and buttoned each tiny button on her beautiful dress, she is almost ready to go down the aisle when you present her with the necklace that you wore on your big day and also with the Swarovski Crystal Comb that you dawned in your hair, and now, she is ready!

You can make these moments happen starting today and lasting for a lifetime, not only for you but the people that you love the most!

Joe and Jennifer Byrne Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Byrne

Mr. and Mrs. Byrne

We had an AMAZING time at this New Year’s Eve wedding. We provided music for the ceremony, DJ’d the reception, brought along a photo booth, and uplit the whole room. It was a great way to spend New Year’s Eve and we appreciate the awesome feedback!

“Many favorite things, but one outstanding thing was that there was a miscommunication with a vendor about the availability of a piano for our live music performers to use. Johnathan jumped right in and got us a portable keyboard, even though it would not have had any effect on his services. Awesome assistance, helpfulness, professionalism in every way. Will definitely recommend him and the company in the future.”

Thanks Jennifer and Joe!

-DJ JoCo and the Master Entertainment Staff

Special Situations and Wedding Invitation Wording


There are some families that may have different members in them, some that wedding books and etiquette guides are struggling to keep up with. How can you include everyone in such a way that all are equally important?

Well, to a certain extent, you cannot. There’s only so much room on an invitation to include everyone in your life, but for those that you must, there are ways to handle “step” and passed on parents in an invitation.


When it comes to step parents, most couples feel as though they are no different from their biological parents. So, they want to incorporate them into the invitation as well. And while traditionally, the parents are included, how do you put in everyone’s name?

Many invitations start off with “Mr. and Mrs. Brown would like to announce the marriage of their daughter Sarah Brown to John Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” In order to include both sets of parents, you can just add them in at the beginning and end, denoting it with “son of Mrs. Miller and her husband Bill Miller and of Mr. Smith and his wife Jane Smith.”

It may sound awkward, but it can be done. Other couples have chosen to just include the names of their biological parents, referencing their present last names. That works just as well.

If there is a parent that has been absent for the child’s life, then they do not have to be put into the invitation.


If one of the couple members would like to include their parent that has passed on, they can say something to the effect of “son of Mr. Smith and the late Mrs. Smith.” That works just fine. If both parents are deceased, you may want to note that as “son of the late Mr. and Mrs.”

If someone has recently passed away, then you may want to include that as a separate note as a way to let your guests know and avoid any awkward moments. This is especially true if it was a recent event. Memorial tables are becoming more and more present at weddings and receptions. This table usually holds pictures and memories of parents and grandparents that have passed on.

When in doubt about a tricky situation, do what feels right for you. A lot of the time, you can write and rewrite the wording to include everyone and still satisfy you. Read your words aloud—a lot of times you can see what something sounds like to a reader, and then judge your choice from there.

And our client of the month is.. Trillium Construction!


On December 11th, Master Entertainment had the honor of hosting Trillium Construction’s holiday party. We had such a fun night with them out at Jumer’s Casino. The room looked amazing with Trillium blue uplighting and Christmas décor. We even had their logo on the wall with a monogram light. This group knows how to party! We started the night off right with Christmas music and a fantastic dinner. After dinner we had a double elimination trivia tournament with our game show and the Boss’s team won! We also had our photo booth there and karaoke later in the evening. In the photo above, we have one of Trillium’s owners, Shawn Dormire rapping “Ice Ice Baby” with our karaoke host, Shane.

Thank you Shawn Dormire and Ryan Ahnquist for having us out to celebrate with you!

DJ JoCo, Greg D., Kourtney L., Shane P., and the rest of our staff.

Community Life – January

Mason at his 1st birthday party.

Mason at his 1st birthday party.


Well, the new year is upon us and the month of December was absolutely crazy busy for my family. Both of our boys celebrated birthdays (Logan 3 and Mason 1). We attended multiple Christmas gatherings. I appeared on Paula Sands Live on New Year’s Eve. I even stayed up to see the ball drop. (eastern time zone still counts right?)

As I look back on the year as a whole, it is hard to believe just how much has happened. It seems more like a decade than a year and at the same time seems very short. Some goals were achieved and some are still in progress. New goals are being made for 2016 and even some plans for 2017.

There’s an old saying that if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. Make some real goals for yourself right now. Make a plan to achieve them. Make 2016 your year. Don’t let another one slip away. I will be right there with you making the most out of it myself.

Until next time..



The Wedding Cake

Cake by Robin Conner-Hunt


The only rival of the bride at a wedding reception in regards to looks should be the wedding cake. Wedding cakes have become an essential decoration at wedding venues where guests still excite themselves over how splendid the wedding cake is. Choosing the right cake, if done meticulously, is as easy as walking down the aisle.

Availability of cake decorators may be restricted at the bakery of your choice so be sure to check this out before finalizing any decisions on how you want your cake to look.  An early chat with the cake baker to talk over the design and flavor is a wise move and should be done at least 6 months before the set date, thus giving him/her plenty of time to create the perfect wedding cake. You may need to pay a deposit fee for reservation.

Wedding cakes have a flair for looking good but should also be scrumptious in taste for the guests. The texture and flavor of the cake itself is important so when out shopping don’t hesitate to ask for cake sample flavors. Most bakeries will be only too willing to oblige and will often schedule an appointment for you to come in to taste many different types of cake.

Make sure to budget well for your cake as they can be costly depending on the design. Average wedding cake prices in 2014 were $466 and they’re on the rise. Expect to pay the cake decorator’s fee on top of the cost of the cake itself. Don’t forget to ask at the bakery if they do free deliveries. Let them know how many are attending the wedding reception as this will then give the baker a good idea on the size appropriate to fill everyone’s bellies. Most bakeries have a standard number of servings for each cake type.

Not only are flowers worn or hand held by the bride at the wedding, they are also popular for decorating wedding cakes. Fresh or artificial; whichever you choose as your chosen preference. Fresh flowers are beautiful and can be strongly scented so select carefully and make sure they’re free of chemicals. Consider sugar flowers; an edible gum paste decoration. They’re very tasty and typically have an extremely realistic look.

Summer weddings and cakes have to be carefully thought about when it comes to where the cake should be placed in the reception area. Keep out of the direct sunlight! Heat and wedding cakes are not a match made in heaven. Keep covered in case of flies or wandering fingers. Never, under any circumstance, place your wedding cake near the dance floor because we’ve all seen how guests can be when they’re bustin’ a move. A steady table is a must for the cutting of the cake as well as a table cloth that no one is going to get tangled up in.

Wedding cakes are good to eat, lovely to look at, and will add beauty to your wedding. Get suggestions from friends and family and read reviews about the bakeries near you to ensure you get the best wedding cake possible. Good luck!